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We offer a range of renewable services from consultation through to installation.

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We offer a range of renewable services from consultation through to installation. Thomson Wind Energy's turnkey approach means you can tailor a package around your needs. Whether it's servicing existing equipment or advice on your dream renewables project. Thomson Wind Energy delivers.

Renewable energy can represent a considerable investment from you and it is sensible to seek advice when undertaking such a project. How can you ensure that the advice is independent? We have over 15 years experience in wind power ranging from mega—watt turbines to small—scale wind turbines. At Thomson Wind Energy we show no bias and guarantee to advise you of the product which best suits your renewable energy needs. We shall undertake all the sourcing for you to use the best wind turbine that meets your needs.

Servicing /Maintenance

Wind turbines, like all technical machinery, needs to be serviced. Whether you plan to buy the newest machine on the market, or you have already purchased an early prototype machine, your wind turbine will be more efficient with a regular service regime. We offer a full service programme for most turbines. From repairs of broken and damaged turbines to their annual service. We offer long term contracts. We offer this service UK wide.


We can carry out all your surveying needs. Bring together a detailed report that shall be used along with all other necessary information required. Giving you all the data for making an informed choice in your needs when using wind turbine products.



Fully certified our staff are capable of carrying out installations to the highest standard.

Types of Systems

We have also formed a partnership with the UK's fastest growing small wind manufacturer Evance. It is our believe that the Evance R9000 displays advances in aerodynamics and electronics. which make it the most advanced small wind turbine on the market with unsurpassed efficiency, reliability and safety.


Evance tower products are designed to provide the optimum performance and durability to complement our wind turbines. The tower design enables cost effective installation and ease of maintenance. Available in heights of 10m to 18m the towers are easily transported in sections.


The Evance R9000, with its excellent design, was the first wind turbine under 10kW to meet the stringent requirements of the UK standard to achieve MCS product certification.


Thomson Wind Energy utters a range of purchasing options on wind turbines including land rental. electricity provision and shared ownership. If you have a windy site and wish to discuss any of these options please give us a call.

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